About Mega

We are a well-established, Zambian agribusiness, providing the entire supply chain for efficient, cost effective poultry products: eggs, chicks, chickens and feed.

Mega is Quantum Foods Zambia, with its heritage in Bokomo Foods and is part of the Africa Division of Quantum Foods South Africa, a diversified feed and poultry business providing quality animal protein to selected South African and African markets.

With continental farming and distribution expertise and strong breeder alliances (Cobb and Lohmann Brown), Mega is a fast-growing Zambian enterprise, with a National footprint founded upon solid corporate heritage.

The Mega History

In 1998, Pioneer Foods (South Africa) invested in a farm in Chikumbi, Lusaka and Bokomo Food Ltd Zambia was born. Developed as a breeder farm to produce day old broiler and layer chicks for the Zambian market. The subsequent twelve years saw continued growth and investment, with the capacity of the breeder farm growing 300%.

In 2010, the company started to distribute the products of Pioneer Foods in Zambia. Brand names like Bokomo, Ceres, Heinz, Sasko Pasta, and Safari became well known and well established.

In 2013, Bokomo Zambia procured Mega Eggs in Chingola and became the second biggest supplier of eggs in Zambia.

In 2014, Quantum Foods was born out of Pioneer Foods agribusiness with a separate listing on the JSE with a focus on diversified feeds and poultry business, providing quality animal protein to selected South African and African markets.

Continued investment saw Mega Eggs increase its capacity over 30% to fulfil the demand of Zambians for fresh and healthy eggs.

The company started in 1998 with 30 employees and grew throughout the years to now employ 387 employees.