Mega farms and distributes chicks in Zambia.
We supply two breeds of chicks.

Day-old broiler chicks for meat consumption and day-old layer chicks for table eggs. These are farmed in the Chikumbi area, Lusaka, at our breeder farmer and distributed through our Depots, Stores and Trucks.

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Ross Genetics

Broiler Day-old Chicks

Ross 308

  • Consistent performance
  • Feed efficient
  • Excellent growth rate
  • Robust performance

Layer Day-old Chicks

Lohmann Brown Classic

  • The Lohmann Brown Classic breed were bred for markets which requires more XL - size eggs. (Greater return on investment)
  • The Lohmann Brown Layer bird is well known for efficient production of quality brown eggs with less feed intake than the most pullets and high early egg weight.
  • A leader with a reputation for persistent production and excellent shell strength.
  • The Lohmann Brown is ideally suited for long laying cycles giving high numbers of first quality, saleable eggs.
  • Calm and friendly, the Pullets are of great temperament and nesting behavior enabling the bird to perform exceptionally well in both colony and alternative systems.
  • Under good management, Lohmann Brown Classic pullets will lay 295+ large brown eggs in their first year of lay.